U.S.A. Black Gold Life If you are struggling to get

U.S.A. Black Gold Life If you are struggling to get through your 15 exercises in a workout session, split it up into 2 separate days. But be sure to vary the exercises you are doing, and the order in which you do them. This does mean that you will need to have more workout days, but this will help you if the program is a bit too challenging to start with.

Key Points to Training

Be sure you understand how to do each exercise properly and safely. The best way to do so is to have a pre-made workout program created by professionals, who will show you what to do and the safest way to do it.

Stretch after each exercise. This will assist your recovery, muscle growth and flexibility. U.S.A. Black Gold

Keep a record of which body part you workout first in each bodybuilding session. The muscles you start with are those that will get the most effective workout, so make sure you are varying this regularly.

Keep prefect form, each and every rep. When you can’t complete the motion with prefect form for each and every rep, you’re using too much weight, so drop it down slightly.

Stick to it. Some people won’t begin to see any results until the second or maybe third month of workout out. This is completely normal, and you need to keep with your training.

End each workout with 10 mins of cardio, and stretch out any muscles which are feeling tight.

After you have completed your third month, you’ll have a very strong base to work with. You’ll be strong, with a shapely physique. This will not only improve your body, but should also improve your mental state and allow you to focus on training, to gain even better results. Once you have reached this pivotal point, it’s time for you to make changes to your program and focus on the bigger and more long-term goals. Remember, there isn’t just one perfect product or program. You’ll learn what works for you as you progress and gain more confidence in your training

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aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, running, rowing etc. Also make sure to stretch your muscles properly before moving onto the muscle building exercises, as this will help to stop injury. Are you not sweating yet? Then your body isn’t ready for the more demanding exercises you’ll need to do, to build muscle mass.

Sets, Reps and Rest

In the first month of your training, start slow and keep it uncomplicated. Perform a couple of sets of your exercises with 15-20 reps per set, increasing the quantity of weight with every set. You should just be resting for 30-40 seconds between each set. Also ensure that you increase the weight slightly every time you workout. This will stop your muscles becoming too comfortable with your workouts.

Once you reach month two, complete 3-4 sets of each exercise, with 10 to 12 reps in every set.

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