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Platinum XT 1000 For Sale The floor press is a powerlifter’s best friend. The set up is simple, and the logic behind the motion is even more obvious. All you need to do is set up a bar raised from the floor high enough that you can get your elbows below it, then you perform the same motion as a bench press, you push. The great thing here is that you are just focusing on the top part of a pressing motion, isolating the muscle fibers that are engaged when you try to finish a real bench press. Also, the floor press takes leg drive completely out of the question, hitting your chest and triceps with full force. Train moderately heavy for strength and a little bit of hypertrohpy, think 6-8 reps per set.

Close grip bench press

In addition to the floor press you are going to want to hammer your triceps with a few other presses to really make them stronger. The close grip bench press is the same as the bench press, just with a closer grip. Your hands do not need to be extremely close to reap the benefits of this exercise, and going to Platinum XT 1000 close can actually cause wrist pain and inhibit you from going as heavy as you can. A width similar to that of the man below will work just fine for our goals. Keep your elbows in, and perform full reps. Train moderately heavy like above.

Tate press

The Tate press is a great finishing exercise for your bench training days. The Tate press simulates a bench press but only engages your triceps. We still want to go heavy here, but not quite as much, think 8-10 reps per set.

If the bottom of your bench press is your weak point, you are in luck, there are exercises that specifically target getting the bar off of your chest. The dip, and decline bench press are the two most helpful movements for getting an initial drive off of your chest. Also keep in mind that your form may be inhibiting your ability to drive the bar off of your chest. Always keep a tight back, firm feet, and a slight arch in your back when you bench press to fully engage your body.

Dips and Decline

Nonetheless, dips are one of the most important chest related exercises to build muscle. The theory here is simple, dips focus their attention on the lower, stronger portion of the chest and can be trained quite heavy. Building up your lower chest will enable you to get the initial drive to push the bar off your sternum and into the air. The decline bench does the same thing. For a weak bottom of your bench it is simple, build up strength in the bottom of your pecs. Heavy, power and strength rep ranges should be incorporated, think 3-6 reps per set.

3. Use Chalk

This may be perceived as the silliest step in getting a bigger bench, but it may actually be the most overlooked. Chalk is generally seen as an aid in only pulling movements, but its beneficial effects can be seen in pushing movements as well.

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