Nitric Max Muscle Bodybuilders and weightlifters

Nitric Max Muscle Bodybuilders and weightlifters know it can be hard to stick to their weightlifting and nutrition routines over the holidays – especially the time from Christmas to New Year’s. But there is a solution that not only keeps bodybuilders on track, but can actually build more muscle while freeing up more time over the holidays!

The idea here is to time a short period of over-reaching and it’s corresponding super-compensation week to align with the holidays. If you’re not familiar with over-reaching and super-compensation, the former is a short period of greatly increased training volume – increased to the point that it would lead to overtraining in short order. But instead of falling into the overtraining trap, after a few weeks of over-reaching workouts you take a week off to let your body heal fully, and GROW! That week off is your super-compensation, so named because you can experience more growth during that week as your body grows than you might otherwise see.

You don’t need to increase the weights you’re lifting during your workouts INfact that could push it too far. Instead, add more reps to each set using your usual weight, add more sets to each exercise or add in a few more exercises per bodypart. If you don’t have the stamina for the longer workouts, increase your training frequency instead. For example, you could train legs, chest and triceps Nitric Max Muscle on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, then train back, shoulders, biceps & abs on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. That way you can do one or two compound exercises and two or three isolation exercises for each bodypart and still be out of the gym in 60 – 90 minutes each day. On that schedule every bodypart gets trained 3 times per week with twice the volume you’d do on a full-body workout, and you only have one day (Sunday) off each week.

It’s easy to see how doubling your volume could quickly lead to overtraining, but you’re going to keep it in the over-reaching stage by only doing it for a short time. Intermediate and advanced bodybuilders could do it for 3 weeks or so starting

December 1st or 2nd, while novices should limit it to two weeks and can wait til the 8th or 9th to start. Either way, by the 23rd or 24th you’re finished and move into the super-compensation week. For the next week to ten days you stop lifting and take in more clean calories than you’re used to so that your body can compensate and heal from all you’ve put it through.

Now suddenly you have no gym time required from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day, freeing your time up for family, friends and holiday fun, takes away the frustration of trying to train if you’re away for the holidays, and makes use of the extra carbs, protein and fats you’ll be consuming during that time. And after a week to ten days off you’ll be chomping at the bit to get back in the gym for your next session, just in time for January’s cycle.

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